American Farmhouse Furniture & Decor

Beautifully hand-crafted farmhouse elements for your home

Modern Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse living isn’t just for folks on HGTV. With the right elements, colors, textures, and simple decor, you can turn any room into a fresh, modern farmhouse living space.

Our Story

In 2019, Melissa and Ren bought their first house. They quickly got to work turning it into their dream home. After a lot of trial and error, and more coats of paint than they care to think about, they learned the tricks of turning furniture and decor into cozy farmhouse living. Rustic Elements was born through their love of farmhouse design, and passion for creating beauty from scratch.

Real, Natural Decor

Farmhouse living embraces the beauty of nature. Natural woods, earthy colors, and real textures. That’s why you won’t find particle board around here. All of our farmhouse elements are made using real-deal solid woods that will last for generations.

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